Private lessons are available nationally/internationally for most services. Email for details.

Services offered by Expert Canine LLC are delivered by national, independent-board-accredited canine behavior consultant Rain Jordan, CBCC-KA, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA,
Certified Fearful Dog Professional (CFDP) instructor/mentor, the only certified, positive reinforcement behavior consultant & trainer on the north Oregon coast. 

If your household is not yet fully vaccinated against COVID, you may still obtain my services via Zoom.

Want to stay safe, learn lots, and not feel like you have to clean house before meeting?


-Behavior consultation (brief or full)

-Set of three 55 minute coaching sessions (behavior modification or training)

-Special programs for *certain special situations may be offered after your first set of sessions.

-Much more (see below or inquire by email)

Many consultation, instruction, & coaching services are equally effective--some may be even more effective--when provided via live video conference. How can that be? It's because many people learn and retain more when they are the ones thinking about and doing the activity. Don't get me wrong.-I  L.O.V. E. working with your dogs myself, and I will be pleased to come to your home for sessions after the pandemic if that is the best option.  In the meantime, consider my Zoom sessions!--which are a bit more affordable, too, since I'm saving time otherwise spent on driving between sessions.   Drop me a note to discuss how private lessons via live Zoom sessions can work for you. 

-If you are not yet a client and wish to discuss concerns or questions before deciding whether to proceed, a phone consultation of up to 15 minutes for introductions may be scheduled by using the "Schedule an Appointment" button.  If no availability shows on my online calendar, please contact me directly to schedule.

Expert Canine: Positive, Effective, Humane

If no availability shows on my online calendar, please contact me directly to schedule. 
For those interested, the process for becoming a  new client is outlined at the bottom of every page of this site.

Do you have a feral, traumatized, or other fearful dog,

 OR a young puppy (3 to 8 weeks old),

OR a dog afraid of vet visits, nail trims, or bathing?

Are you on a fixed, limited income?

*If so, contact me to be considered for a special program. 

Number of clients accepted into this program is limited.

Terms & Conditions apply.

The Expertise You Need for . . .

Online or On-Location*

Distance Learning:
Effective, affordable private behavior consultations and coaching via live video conference in all states and many countries.
In-Person Learning:
Training your dog while you work or observe, then teaching you how to maintain the new skills.


Puppy Life


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Canine Fear & Fear-Related Behaviors, including Noise Phobia, Anxiety,  & Self-Defense Responses: Expert Canine's fearful dogs

expert is the leader in fear abatement. For all

fear-based behavior & training needs, including for feral & semi-feral dogs, puppy-milled dogs, traumatized dogs, chronically anxious dogs, avoidant dogs, & other fearful dogs.

Mini-Bernedoodle Puppy Client <3
Proper Socialization, Safety, Training, & Behavior for Puppies: The area's most savvy professional helps you avoid the development of fear and reactivity in your pup as s/he grows. In breeder's home or yours, Expert Canine can teach  you how to best  help  your pup grow o into a stable, happy dog.   As a fearful dog expert, Rain  can teach you the best ways to  avoid extreme fears, reactivity and other issues developing in your pup. 



Get PROPER Puppy Socialization & Training - Happy Puppies Grow into Happy, Stable Dogs!

Reduce risk of fear or reactivity developing in your pup as s/he grows; get proper socialization &

foundations training before 12 

weeks of age to set yourself &

your pup on the path to a safe, happy life together.

(for pups 3-14 weeks of age)

(I work with you or for you)


To abate fear-based responses and other behavior concerns,

giving you and your dog more peace of mind.

(I work with you.)



Hire Happiness with Your Dog:

Skills training to set yourself up for a happy life with your 4 month old to senior dog.

(I work with you.)

Cooperative Care & Handling

Cooperative Care & Handling: As a fear in dogs expert, Rain can help you avoid mistakes that can result in lasting fear of, aversion to, and aggressive reactions to veterinary-related services.  Expert Canine is the best choice for anti-aversive skills & preparation for anti-aversives, force-free cooperation with necessities such as vet visits, nail trims, grooming, etc. 

White Dog Jumping for Joy!
Basic to Advanced
Skills Training (aka obedience/manners)

Expert Canine provides the area's most seasoned anti-aversive training for solutions and skills including  recall, loose leash walking, calm greetings, polite play, etc.



(Establish as Client First)

Big Podenco Boy Enjoys a Life of Positive Reinforcement and Respect

1-2 hours with your dog

training, play, & rest breaks

(I work for you.)

Afternoons by arrangement

Aggression in Dogs. Snarling Dog Bares Teeth.

Safety, Reactivity, & Aggression: To help protect everyone--your dog, you, and others--Expert Canine offers the most effective, humane instruction available for safe aggression modification & training, including dog fight & bite avoidance and release.


To address reactivity or aggressive behavior concerns, focusing on

safety & well-being. 

(I work with you.)

My promise to you:

Humane treatment: I will never need or want to hurt or scare your dog in order to train your dog or implement humane behavior modification. Therefore, I will never use tools or methods designed to poke, pinch, choke, shock, or otherwise hurt or frighten your beloved companion.

Animal-human bond: I believe that part of my job is  to guide you in forging a path to the happiest possible life with your beloved companion. Therefore, I will always endeavor to guide you in achieving lifelong training and handling habits that tend to result not only in better behavior, but in a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Honesty:  I will endeavor to be honest with you about your dog and your situation with your dog. In this regard, if ever the choice becomes one of either telling you the truth or making you feel good, I will be truthful. I will never try to win your business by telling you what you want to hear when that would be different than the truth because sometimes, in some businesses, doing so can lead to harm. 

Effective positive solutions from the area's most seasoned, credentialed, anti-aversives professional.
"force-free, fear-free, intimidation-free, pain-free"
To set an appointment, please proceed as follows:

1. Please read this notice, and if acceptable, complete the initial form here: Info Form .  Once I've reviewed this form and confirm availability for your request, I'll email you to confirm a good fit. After that confirmation, I'll send you our client agreement.


2. After receiving your completed Information and Client Agreement forms, I will email you my current openings and a PayPal invoice.  Booking is done on a first-come, first-served basis, upon receipt of payment. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, and PayPal accepts most major credit cards.)


3. In order to provide quality service to each client, I work to avoid overbooking and so encourage you to book in advance.  Questions? Email: