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"I highly recommend Expert Canine. Rain helped us with our fearful rescue dog who would growl at my husband and anyone else besides me. We [had] spent a couple thousand dollars trying to get our dog better with local trainers and even a boarding trainer. They did not help at all. In fact they probably made it worse. A couple of them even wanted to use a shock collar on our poor scared dog. We said no but I don't know what happened in boarding training. After that we found Rain. We felt hopeless and she made everything better. Now our dog loves us both and seems happy here and does not growl at my husband any more. We learned exactly what we needed with Rain. Many thanks to her."

--Dana DeAngelo 


"The training we received from Expert Canine exceeded our expectations. We have a 10-year-old dog who came to us from the shelter 8 years ago with lots of behavioral issues. Rain Jordan provided methods we were able to practice and implement easily on our own. We saw immediate improvement. As we continued to work with Rain, we saw more the issues abate. We are thrilled with Rain's positivity, kindness, clarity, and dedication to animal welfare."

--A. & L. Ayers

"Rain is truly an expert in positive dog training. Her specialty is working with anxious and reactive dogs. She has helped us immensely with our 3-year-old reactive Carin Terrier. Her expertise has saved us a lot of time by teaching us how to properly train our dog without making things worse.

We have worked remotely with her during the pandemic and feel we have gotten our money's worth many times over from her observation, advice and helpful videos.

She is patient and answers all our questions. Because of her extensive experience, she anticipates problems we are likely to face when working out issues with our dog who is overcoming early-life trauma she suffered before coming to us. Rain helped us understand what our dog is going through and changed how we view her behavior.

Rain is one of the most empathetic people we have met. She gets our highest recommendation."

--R Mac

"Rain is an incredibly professional, compassionate, and thoughtful dog trainer and behavior specialist. When I first adopted my rescued golden doodle, Rain helped me with her barrier (leash, car, fence, window) reactivity and separation distress. Rain instilled confidence in me as well as my dog, helping us both overcome the distress and embarrassment that comes from having a dog that sounds like a maniac on leash. We learned skills for long term behavior change and success, and my dog has gone from a skittish rescue to a confident companion. I highly recommend Expert Canine for dog training and behavior services."

--Elise Patrick

"I find her honesty refreshing and her refusal to use punishment commendable. My dogs love her and so do we. We all learned and progressed a lot already. Recommended if you want a well behaved AND happy dog."

--Paul Dwyer 


"Rain was just wonderful. She made me feel confident and gave me the tools to continue training long after our sessions ended. I use those tools every day with my large Shepard. I have a huge improvement in recall, leash walking, reactivity, and overall behavior. I like that she uses positive reinforcement and helped me gain trust from my dog. Rain was very responsive to issues that I ran into and called me after hours many time to talk through training issues that I was having. I believe that she really cares about her clients and I would recommend her 100%."

--Kimberly Borst

“Freddy, a rescued greyhound, is dog reactive and we needed support to help both dog and human to be more confident when meeting other dogs. We found Rain through an article she had written about Learned Helplessness in greyhounds and worked with her via video conference. Rain was very accessible, easy to talk to, and explained concepts/strategies in such a way that we could immediately put them into practice. We also appreciated that Rain communicated with us in between consultations. Freddy made a lot of progress, including his humans, and we can keep working with Freddy without a feeling of panic. We highly recommend Rain.”

--Freddy, Claudia, and Laurens

"Expert Canine is the best of the best . If you can get an appointment with Rain, take it! You'll be treated like the intelligent adult you are and given all the information you need. You WON'T be given a shock collar or a prong collar, thank God. I didn't want to hurt or threaten my dog and I learned I don't have to. I learned how to help my dog with kindness . Thank you Rain for being honest and helping me see the light."

--Dotty Johnson 


"Rain has been great. When we started I was very confused and unsure of why I wasn't able to help my dog do what he needed to do. She has helped me learn how to let my dog Charlie know what I want so that we are happier together. She is very helpful, very knowledgeable, very skilled. I would recommend her services to anyone."

--Robb Charnock



"Rain Jordan has been wonderful helping us with our dogs. We have three rescue pitbulls who have various kinds of trauma in their background. With Rain's help, we have been much better able to understand and work with our dogs on unwanted behaviors while teaching them the necessary skills to allow them to accompany us in public and socialize with us."

--Diana Wiener



"I recently adopted a dog that came from a hoarding situation. Within the first week at home, she began to show signs of leash/barrier reactivity (lunging, growling snapping at dogs and people), sound sensitivity and separation distress.  I immediately contacted Expert Canine for help because I knew these were issues I needed to address early on so that they wouldn't get worse.  Rain was incredibly thorough in her consultation and provided clear, achievable steps for me to begin working with my dog on her behavior issues. We've made great progress thanks to Rain's expertise and support."

--E. P. 


"Best trainer I've ever had. She laid out a plan after meeting me and my dog. She explained everything and my dog was trained and happy in the end. And the best part was I did not feel bad about like I had with other trainers! No yanking, no scolding, or yelling at the dog. What a great experience. Well worth it!" 

--Patty Veach 


"Rain was wonderful to work with. My obstreperous 7 month old puppy decided she was his new best friend right away. We both learned new plans and the best part, never felt slow-witted. Seeing that Bear had a chance of being a 'good boy' [was another favorite part]."  

--Julie M

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