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Having been a college professor, I understand the nuances of adult learning and the importance of mutual respect. I approach my work from an educator's perspective: My goal is to leave you with knowledge, wisdom, and skills that you can use and apply throughout your life with animals.

My specialization in fearful, feral, and traumatized dogs is partly a result of having run an international dog rescue, which involved working with many dogs who had been severly neglected, abused,  and/or abandoned to survive on their own, sometimes after being purposely harmed so that they couldn't get back to their abandoners' homes. Often these dogs then had to survive the disdain and cruelty of myriad strangers before being rescued.



Help dog guardians become skilled advocates for their dogs

and thus for happy lives together

Core Values

* Honesty in apprisement

* Kindness to the vulnerable

* Perseverance toward goals

* Careful, methodic treatment


I am high-functioning neurodivergent. You probably wouldn't notice, so how is it relevant to working with me?

Mainly, you should know that I tend to receive information literally, be intensely focused on the subject and job at hand, and am very direct. While these things make me determined to succeed and very effective at my work, I also might miss hints and drop the social ball at times. As a result, some might misinterpret my behavior and feel slighted. I do try to avoid that! 

I provide and appreciate respectful, direct communication of your questions and concerns, so that I can respond most appropriately.

Certified Behavior Consultant, Canine (CBCC-KA)

Certified Professional Dog Trainer  (CPDT-KA)

(Accreditation by The CCPDT)

Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior Certified Training Partner  (KPA CTP)

Certified Fearful Dogs Professional (CFDP) Instructor/Mentor

Creator of the Fear Abatement Mastery (FAM) program

Author (Books on Canine Fear, Behavior, Training, Handling, & Welfare)

Freelance Canine Behavior Columnist

Applied Animal Behavior Certificate of Excellence

(Behavior+ Works LLA program)

Aggression in Dogs Mastercourse Certificate

BA & MFA, California State University (San Jose)

Previous (partial list):

Canine Behavior Columnist, Cannon Beach Gazette & the Daily Astorian

Rescued Dog Behavior Rehabilitator, Shelter Director,

Sighthound Sanctuary & Animal Services

Rescued Farmed Animal Volunteer, Wilder Park

Adjunct Professor, De Anza & Hartnell Colleges

I am also a visual artist

2d  and 3d )

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