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Some folks are still curious about the value of taking private dog behavior/training lessons via live Zoom video conference.   While it’s understandable that some might not feel technically proficient enough to do so, many people discover it is both easy and effective.  And while others might think that your behavior consultant or trainer should be the one working with your dog directly, the reality is: that is not best for you in most cases.  (If you are one of the exceptions, I certainly will consider options.) Here are 10 good reasons to take live, private sessions with me via Zoom:

1: I’ve made them more affordable for you than on-location sessions.

2: Your dog doesn’t have to worry about strangers in your home.

3: You don’t have to worry about being prepared to have a guest over. 

4: Zero COVID risk.  Zero weather or traffic delays. And zero travel fees.

5: Studies show that when you take your own notes, you tend to remember more. During Zoom sessions, not only can you take your own notes, but in many cases I can upload a video of our session for you to review and use to help you fill out your notes.

6: You get more for your money because there’s none of the usual time spent during your session on your dog and me becoming besties; instead, you become an even better bestie for your dog because you are the ones learning -- by doing together!

7. Zoom sessions are therefore much more focused on you achieving your goals.

8. All reliable dog behavior and training skills need to be learned by the dog’s guardians so that the guardians can maintain what was taught long-term.  This is most likely accomplished if you are the one doing the actual work, with my eyes-on guidance. Animal behavior can change as conditions change, so if you don’t know how to work with your dog without me there to take the lead, your dog’s behavioral improvement may revert.

9. What you learn intellectually and physically (principles and practices) can last you a lifetime, which means you will be able to apply them to future pets as well. 

10. You don’t have to settle for whatever is available in your neighborhood. Instead, you get the expert help you need, no matter where you are.

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