A friendly note to prospective clients:


To ensure high quality attention and service to each of my clients while working to protect everyone’s health,  maintain an orderly flow for myself and my clients, and avoid overbooking for your sake and mine, I have implemented the following:

·Until further notice, all sessions will be private lessons via live video conferencing unless you strongly prefer phone.

·If during a virtual session it becomes clear that a day training scenario (that is, where I train your dog for you) is needed, I may offer a drop off option, at my discretion. However, during the pandemic, the long-term health and safety of everyone involved must take precedent. 

·Sessions will be scheduled in afternoon or evening slots. Emergency changes or additions may be considered if necessary. As always, 24 hour notice of your need to cancel a session is the policy.

·A wait list will be maintained as needed.

·I ask that you schedule your sessions in advance.

·Until further notice, the minimum group of sessions purchased at one time is three.

·Availability and rates are subject to change at any time.

·I strongly encourage you to take your own notes during your sessions. Within about 24 hours after each session I will email any handouts, links, or summaries related to the session, but your own notetaking is important to helping you retain what you learn in a session.  Please feel free to email me to ask any remaining questions about the session at any time.

-To get started, please complete this: information form.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in achieving the best possible situation for yourselves and everyone else!   Assuming we’re a good match, I look forward to working with you.



Warm regards,