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Programs for Shelters & Rescues

Is your shelter or rescue in need of the expertise of a qualified, certified behavior professional?  Shelters are increasingly moving toward transitioning their non-behavior staff into behavior & training roles. This can be great for morale and growth as well as for animal welfare -- if you have effective, humane programs  and staff training developed just for you by an experienced, certified behavior consultant. As a long time rescue and shelter director myself before transitioning to a private behavior practice, I offer unique expertise necessary to providing a program that's right for your shelter, your staff, and the animals in your care.

Innovation. I develop an anti-aversives program based on the specific needs of your organization.

Mentorship. I deliver one to one coaching and feedback loop for your staff until they reach proficiency. 

Kindness. I help your staff achieve trust-based relationships with the animals with whom they work, enabling them to enjoy the experiences of their work rather than struggle in frustration.
Creativity. I teach your staff how to enhance  the evidence-based animal training & behavior skills they'll be learning with a level of artistry that enables to adjust quickly and easily to a variety of conditions.

Durability.  My services to your shelter encourage staff development of knowledge and skills that will serve them and you for years if not decades to come, as they learn to identify and apply best behavior principles & practices to any situation that may arise.

Lifelong Lifesaving. I can furthermore provide guidance on becoming a shelter that provides lifelong lifesaving, through encouraging and equipping your volunteers, adopters, and supporters to expand their abilities, resulting in deep, lasting successes in their lives with animals as well, which means less shelter crowding and stress over time.

Gratitude.  As your shelter becomes increasingly able to provide innovations that  improve the lives of animals, staff, and others in lasting, highly impactful ways, the public's respect and gratitude for you is likely to grow, thus helping your organization grow and thrive as well. 

My services to your organization may be delivered either in-person or remotely, depending on circumstances.  Email me to explore options.  Please provide your shelter name and location, your name and title, and a phone number as well as a return email address, and any other details you wish to include. I usually respond within 24 hours; if you don't hear from me it means either your email address bounced back when I tried to reply (I'll call if that happens), or I didn't receive your email.  Feel free to send a second email if you don't hear back soon.  I can also be reached at Canine Fear Solutions.

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