Private, one-on-one training (also called "Day Training") of your dog while you’re at work. After every few sessions, we meet with you to show you what your dog has learned and how to maintain those skills.


This is an excellent choice for busy people who do not want to

add a big learning curve and new 'job' to their evenings, but

who can manage maintenance.  


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Each session is designed to teach you effective dog training methods, with your dog learning along with you. Although this involves more of your personal time than if we trained your dog without you, if you have the interest, time, and motivation, this option gives you more insight into how training works.

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*(We come to you, or depending on your situation, 

   we may offer 1 on 1 online training/consultations)

Whether your dog has turned to hiding under the bed, thieving, destruction of property, or other alarming actions, a behavior analysis will help us decide on a management and/or behavior modification plan. Our behavior modification plans, like the rest of our programs, are humane and committed to R+ (positive reinforcement) training and humane counterconditioning.  Read More

Elevate Dog Training & Behavior is committed to animal welfare. We have a special place in our hearts for fearful, traumatized, and feral dogs. Therefore, we make extra efforts to design behavior consultation and behavior modification services for them. Please visit our dedicated page for Emotional/Behavioral concerns, and do not hesitate to contact us.  Time is always of the essence in these situations. In the interim :

Click here to go to our page devoted to dogs with Emotional/Behavioral challenges and learn what you can do right now to help your dog.

Prepped pups grow into distinctive dogs, and Puppy Prep Home School is a distinctive opportunity for you and your pup.  Most people are aware now that socialization is important to the long term stability of adult dogs, but what about learning other skills? For example, puppies as young as 3 to 4 weeks old can become clicker savvy, learn foundational and other behaviors, and quickly learn to execute them on cue, grabbing themselves a huge head-start in life. (See the video section for evidence!) This type of teaching must be done only by highly skilled, observant, humane, and careful trainers, with the pups' welfare as the first priority at all times. Contact us about Private Puppy Training in your home (thus "Home School") as soon as your vet gives the okay to train!

Training for R+ nail trimming, stationing skills for vet visits, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and grooming are some of the things that can be very helpful for dog owners and their dogs.  For guardians of fearful and reactive dogs, these skills are crucial.


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While we do not currently offer group classes, depending on the topic we may consider single or short-term customized small group courses, as well as individual mentoring. A custom project might be something designed for a need that falls within our behavioral specialties or our general skills-training programs--for example, a person might wish to have a small, special topic group class held in her home, designed for her dog and one of her friends and her dog. Or a person might wish to contract to be privately mentored, perhaps on how to rehabilitate feral or anxious dogs.


We may provide lessons, lectures, or other services for special events. 


We also offer pet matching assistance, so that when you are picking out your next pet, you have someone objective to help you ascertain whether the personality, temperament, activity level, and overal needs will be a good fit for you, and you for the pet.


Please email us if you have  a special request in mind.








We may on occasion be able to offer a reduced rate for an approved non-profit animal shelter or rescue. Please email us the details of your program and your request, including date, location, budget, services requested, goals, and any other information you have available.  All requests must come from a staff member, board member, or director. Please let us know your role when you make contact.


We are especially interested in supporting non-profit animal welfare organizations that are working to decrease abuse and suffering of animals while increasing their protection and status in society, via advocacy, outreach, education, policy, enforcement, and legislation. If you are a board member or staff of such an organization, please feel free to contact us with requests for service.












Every dog should be allowed to enjoy old age by the side of his lifelong, adoring human.



(Day Training, continued)

The possibilities for day training are as few or many as  you want them to be. Some examples: 


Housetraining and/or crate training, which may help you avoid costly, stressful, even dangerous initial mistakes.


Targeting, from which more advanced skills can be taught.

Skills such as Lie Down, Sit, Leave it, Drop it, etc., which again are important for building upon as well as for safety.

Loose leash walking, a coveted skill on its own, often becomes more pressing for people whose dogs pull or react on leash. 

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(Coaching, continued)

A few examples of coaching. Again, the the limits are up to you:


Safe new dog-to-dog introductions to best set up future happy relations.

Observant play supervision, guidance, and modification, to ensure that play between dogs remains friendly and safe.  

Give/Drop It and Fetch (retrieve), which have fun and functional applications.

Recall: Aside from the legal and safety factors that are beyond your control, such as cars on the beach and roads, other dogs, strangers, et cetera, the reality is this: The less reliable your dog’s (and other dogs') recall, the more dangerous it is to off-leash your dog. We can teach you how to train for recall, and we will encourage you to be very, very careful if you decide to off-leash your dog, as well as to follow the laws of the area.


Tricks: If you commit to R+ as your training style, you’ll be more likely to earn style points from your dog as well; that is, there’s a good chance your dog will enjoy learning tricks with you. Whether a simple spin, or a series of fun, Fidorific feats, we’ll show you how they’re done.





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NOTE: Most skills can be taught either by coaching OR by day training, or by a combination of the two. Just let us know which you prefer. If you're not sure, an email or phone conversation may help us help you figure that out.  


(Behavior/Special Needs, continued)

We’ve a special place in our hearts for special needs dogs. Seniors, fearful dogs, anxious dogs--they need, and deserve, the very best we humans have to offer. Unfortunately, dogs are stoic; they often hide their suffering. If you notice a behavioral oddity, don’t ignore it. Your dog could be hiding pain or illness,  even cognitive dysfunction, noise phobia, confinement anxiety, separation anxiety, or any number of other problems requiring treatment. Contact us for help right away; we’ll work with you, your dog, and if appropriate, in cooperation with your veterinarian.

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(Husbandry, continued)

When dog trainers say "husbandry," there's a good chance we have in mind things like vet visits, nail trimming, tooth brushing, and so on--all the things the vet used to do for us, oftentimes 'in the back.'  While letting our dogs be taken 'to the back' for routine visits is pretty rare now, it is still common that perfectly caring people will forget about their dogs' maintenance tasks and extra-curricular skills training, simply because they get busy, don’t know how to do them, or because their dogs are afraid of them. As specialists in fearful dogs, and having cared for multitudes of dogs over the years, we are ready to help! From baths and brushing to cooperative nail trims and and needle pokes, you'll be amazed at what's possible. 



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Anti-Aversive, Bonded, Certified, & Insured. In-home Training and Coaching in Oregon and Washington state: Nehalem, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Arch Cape, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Gearhart, Surf Pines, Warrenton, Chinook, Ilwaco, Oceanview, Ocean Park, Seaview, Long Beach, Astoria, and Svensen. We may go as far as Longview, Washington, Portland/Tigard/Hillsboro, and Tillamook, Oregon, depending on the circumstances. We may consider slightly longer drives for slightly higher travel fees, again depending on the situation. Online training & behavior consultations also are available throughout the U.S.A. and in many other countries.

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