Expert Canine offers private behavior consultations & training instruction via video conference &/or phone.

To help the community during COVID-19, we offer these at very affordable rates:

Private Behavior Consultations & Training Instruction via Video Conference or Phone   

$60 per hour (55 minutes) in the USA & Canada; $65 per hour (55 minutes) elsewhere
Before your first session, you’ll complete intake and client agreement forms in preparation for our first session. To get a head start, you may complete the intake form here:  Intake Form

Then email us at to discuss booking your first appointment.

During your first session, we will discuss your dog’s learning &  behavior history as well as your concerns, capacities, hopes, and goals. We also will alert you to any potential safety risks and recommendations, and recommended a method to help you meet your goals as appropriate.  Note: Ethics require that serious behavior concerns be addressed with patience, extreme caution, and owner capacity-building; therefore, aggression or fear related cases require a minimum 3 hour commitment. In some cases, notably more than 3 hours of instruction will be necessary, and because animal improvement is contingent upon owner efforts, regular practice between sessions is also required.

All fees are paid in advance of appointment.

All Fees Are Subject to Change
Please note that charges are by the hour, not by the session
(because some clients may want to use more than an hour per session).

PrivateIn-home Training in Oregon and Washington state: Nehalem, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Arch Cape, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Gearhart, Pinehurst, Surf Pines, Warrenton, Chinook, Ilwaco, Oceanview, Ocean Park, Seaview, Long Beach, Astoria, and Svensen. We may go as far as Longview, Washington, Portland/Tigard/Hillsboro, and Tillamook, depending on the circumstances. Slightly longer drives may be considered. Online training & behavior consultations also are available throughout the U.S.A. and in many other countries.

Gearhart & the North Oregon Coast

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