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Puppy Life Triad

8am: Build Trust                                                Noon: Amass Superpowers                                 5pm: Conquer the World


Okay so it's not that simple, and definitely not on that schedule. Think of these three categories instead as a sort of metaphoric representation of priorities. 


While it can seem simple, installing good software in a pup isn’t as easy as one might think. Engineering modern families of more than two legs each involves not just a compatible furry hardware update, but data backups for loss prevention, and expert security to observe and protect a hack from slipping through.

A puppy is not a machine, even though a puppy does come preinstalled with certain programs that help cover early basic needs. As members of human families, where more and more programs get uploaded and updated, puppies may become confused, overwhelmed, or frightened.  It’s important, therefore, to not only learn the workings of the new pup as-is, but also to prepare your puppy for a happy life as a member of your family, and to navigate the human world safely, without developing fear and other concerns that can negatively impact your life together.  My triadic puppy approach helps to prepare you and your puppy for whatever changes might come over time.


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